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Chattanooga Businesses! We can help you grow your business online using the power of higher Search Engine Rankings and powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising!  Our SEO Experts and Pay-Per-Click Team can help you grow your online business!

​As a trusted Digital Marketing Company serving Chattanooga and beyond, MARKET 248 can help you grow your business using SEO for Higher Rankings on Search Engines and through targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns. We can also help you get a better response from people who visit your website through carefully optimized web copy

Could you Benefit from an SEO or PPC Marketing Company?

That depends. If your business counts on online visibility and results, and if the success or growth of your business could greatly (or totally) benefit from that online success, then yes, you would probably GREATLY benefit from the services of an Internet marketing company. 

The best Digital Marketing Companies will help you discover your target audience and then speak to them effectively. 

At MARKET 248, we love helping Chattanooga businesses and organizations become more successful through effective, proven Internet Marketing Strategies! There are many excellent Internet marketing opportunities available — but it’s important to know how to put your business out there effectively — so that you don’t waste your time or money. MARKET 248 is an Internet Marketing Company helping clients in Chattanooga, TN and around the country achieve higher rankingsmake more sales and gain more clients through powerful Internet Marketing techniques.

Award-Winning, Digital Marketing Services that work!

MARKET 248 is dedicated to your online business success. We offer several services that can drastically change your ranking on Google (and others) and the way people respond once they land on your web page. This is critical information if you want to be successful online. You must have more than a high ranking. You have to position your business to rank for the search terms that will truly have an impact on your business. That is why our services always begin with thorough keywords research and a comprehensive competition analysis. 

“Targeting the right keywords, combined with carefully-written content, can greatly enhance the results you get from ​your website visitors!”

At MARKET 248, we see Digital Marketing like pieces of a puzzleand if any parts are missing, then the final result is just not that impressive. But, put all the pieces together and the magic begins to happen. Visitors who are looking for what you are offering begin to show up and when they can quickly (and clearly) see that you are offering exactly what they want — you will get a better response. The team of experts at MARKET 248 can help you put the whole puzzle together.

Here are the main three services we offer to help you achieve more through your online marketing efforts:

SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization 

Does your website rank as high as you want it to in Chattanooga or Hamilton County? Is your business isible on Google when you search for targeted keywords that will attract the right kind of customers to your site? Our experienced team knows exactly to help you achieve higher search engine rankings. 
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Google Ads Management | Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  

Put your website on the front page of Google Fast with Google Ads

Google Ads is an amazing way for businesses and organizations to promote their website on the front page of the largest search engine in the world! Ads gives you lots of control by allowing you to set your own budget, focus on a narrow (and profitable) niche market, and advertise to your local area here in Chattanooga. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and actually visits your website! This is revolutionary, super-focused advertising!
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Web Site Copywriting Services 

Well-written web copy is one of the most powerful elements of any online marketing effort. Without the right copy, your web page will be a disappointment and visitors will leave fast! Few things can boost website visitor response like great copy. If you don’t get the copy right — then everything else you do will matter very little! 

Whatever your Digital Marketing goals, MARKET 248 can help. As a company based just outside of Chattanooga, we have the insider’s perspective on and passion for the local market and a strong interest in your success. We would be honored to serve you! 

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!

MOZ Top 5 SEO Finalist

Market 248 Named a Top-5 SEO Finalist By Moz.com

MOZ.com (formerly SEOmoz) secretly surveyed more than 200 SEO Firms around the country to see “How Many SEO Consultants Actually Know What They’re Talking About?” Read the full post here.

“We have seen significant growth across our consumer divisions over the past few years,
​and much of that is due to the great work you guys have done for us.”

– Eric Dalton, Executive VP of Marketing & Consumer Divisions | GlynLyon

Jim MunchbachA huge climb in my rankings!

“MARKET 248 moved my website ranking from PAGE 79 to #1 on Google! I highly recommend the Web Marketing Services!”

​- Jim Munchbach
Wealth Advisor at Family Wealth Builder | CFP® Professional | Adjunct Professor at Bauer College of Business at UH | Houston TX

Michelle ReedStraight to the top!

“After I started working with Kirk and the team at Market 248, it was like someone flipped a switch and my Google rankings went from
​NOWHERE to the top of PAGE ONE!”

​- Michelle Reed
​Owner of Michelle Reed Photography

Deborah EnosWhy I Love Market 248!

“Working with Market 248 has not only increased traffic to my website, but the best result has been a sizable increase in my bottom line!”

– Deborah Enos | Nationally Syndicated Speaker and The One-Minute Wellness Coach www.deborahenos.com

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